The Gameboy Zero is Retro Gaming Bliss in the Perfect Form Factor

Image of Gameboy Zero courtesy of

It all started a little over a year ago. I was browsing Reddit when a post caught my eye. It was from the gaming subreddit and showed what appeared to be an old fashioned Nintendo Gameboy. However, the poster was calling it a Gameboy Zero. I took a look inside and what the poster had created was truly amazing. He had fit a Raspberry Pi Zero into a Gameboy and modified it so that it could play any game that has ever been released up to the Gameboy Advance using emulators.

I was blown away at how cool this gaming device was. Aside from running on a Raspberry Pi Zero, it also had some other amazing modifications:

  • A backlit full color LCD screen
  • Stores thousands of games on a microSD card
  • Extra X, Y, L, and R buttons

Here is a video of the original project here:

Since the creator, Wermy, posted this, he started his own community website where other creators and enthusiasts came together around the Gameboy Zero and started creating custom parts and sharing their own builds. Due to this, a second version of the Gameboy Zero emerged using custom parts from the community.

Since these videos came out, I’ve been busy collecting all the parts and started investigating classes that teach you to solder electronics. I am very excited to start this project and learn something new. I will make a post when I complete my build.

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