Two Decades

February 16th, 1999. My first day at Taylor Design. Twenty years ago. A long time, and a period of time that has also passed in a blink.

I’ve been fortunate over these two decades (ok, that sounds long) to have had a lot of wonderful clients, and to have conceptualized, crafted and created many great projects. Working in a smaller design studio environment like Taylor Design has allowed me to continually learn new things on a whole host of subjects, which I love. On any given day, I can learn about fish farming, commodities trading, bacterial toxins, and net neutrality. It has also allowed me to apply my design talents to a huge range of projects. No pigeon holes for me! From websites to magazines to logos, posters, package and signage, annual reports, advertising and videos, not to mention pencils, bike jerseys, and everything else in between, I have been able to leave my (design) mark on many  different canvases.

Additionally over my years, I have collected many hats. I’m not just a graphic designer, but a project manager, an art director, a copywriter, an editor, a proofreader, a strategist, an art buyer, an estimator, a new business generator, a crisis manager, a (mediocre) photographer, and an illustrator (fledgling), a teacher, a mentor. Plus in that time, on top of these titles, I took on one more giant role: mom to twins.

The best part of these twenty years: the incredible collection of talented people I have worked with, learned from, mentored and befriended. We have always been fortunate at Taylor Design to attract really gifted people–intelligent, thoughtful, unique—from a diverse spectrum of backgrounds and educations. These are the people who have helped make Taylor Design the success it is. Many have come and gone during my tenure at Taylor Design (coincidentally I counted… 20!), but I hope that in addition to friendship, I have positively influenced their design careers in some way.

And to the man with his name on the door: the guy who 95 percent of the time remains calm in the time of crisis (except when he’s lost), sweet talks clients off the ledge and out of making bad design decisions, gently pushes us to create the best work we can no matter the client or the budget—thank you. For rescuing me from a horrible job experience 20 years ago. For letting me be a part of your business for 20 years. For having me help you build that business. For teaching me the good, the bad and the ugly of the design industry and running a business. For listening to me carry on about U2, David Beckham, migraine treatment options, and college basketball for two decades.

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By Hannah F

Senior Art Director