The Joy of Japanese Soufflé Pancakes

My wife and I recently got back from our third trip to Japan. Each time we go, we are surprised at something new and unique that we find. This time, that new thing was sweet, delicious soufflé pancakes.

If you haven’t heard of these types of pancakes, they are made by folding in fluffy, peaked eggwhites into a delicious, slightly sweet, pancake batter. The batter is then poured onto a griddle surface (or pan) over very low heat. The pancakes are then covered while the first side cooks. Lastly, you flip them and cover once again to cook the other side. The result is amazing, soft and fat, soufflé like pancakes. It takes about 20 minutes to create one serving.

While in Japan, my wife and I tried two places for their gourmet pancakes. The first was called Flippers in Harajuku. These pancakes were served pretty simple with heavy whipped cream on top and fresh fruit. They were very good, but a tad bit eggy in flavor.

The next place we visited was by far my favorite (we ended up going twice). It was called the French Toast Factory and it was located at the top of one of the giant electronics department stores, Yodobashi Camera, within Akihabara. These pancakes were not very eggy, and best of all, they came with more inventive homemade toppings like fresh blueberry compote, or the apple cinnamon whipped cream.

If you want to experience these amazing pancakes yourself in the United States, you will have to go all the way over to New York City and try the one U.S. based branch of Flippers. As for French Toast Factory, you are out of luck unless you go to Tokyo yourself. In the near future, I think the soufflé pancake craze is going to take the west by storm, and I can’t wait.

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