Perfectly Picked and Placed

Ellen Hoverkamp is a photographer based in West Haven, Connecticut. She masterfully creates food, botanicals, and floral still lives. Her tool? A flatbed scanner. Typically, scanners are used for reproducing flat materials, but this is the complete opposite of Ellen’s work. Laying her natural, found elements on the bed of the scanner, Ellen’s work captures the details with such intensity. Her compositions create rich layers and intense depth. The arrangements themselves are also really interesting—I enjoy seeing the interesting pairings of elements such as those found in her piece, Beach Walk Treasures. The results are incredibly beautiful and create perfect compositions that freeze a moment in time. I especially love how the simple backgrounds (often black) create such an amazing contrast to the brilliant colors and textures of her work.

To learn more about Ellen and view her work you can visit her website or Instagram, or check out her images in The Scentual Garden, a collaboration with garden writer, Ken Druse, published in 2019, Abrams Books.

Photos courtesy of Ellen Hoverkamp.

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By Bria

Senior Designer