You Can Soon Buy Your Own Private Security Drone


The company Ring announced a really cool new product called Always Home Cam. For those who don’t know, Ring has produced a variety of home camera products such as their popular Ring Video Doorbell, all targeted as safety products. Their products connect to your home wifi and allow you to look through any of the cameras you own through your cellphone, wherever you may be.

What makes the Always Home Cam interesting compared to Ring’s other camera products is it is also part autonomous drone. When you set up the product for your house, you map pathways for the drone to fly through on command. Let’s say you ask it to fly to your kitchen, it will go along the pre-planned path directly to the kitchen without you needing to manually control the drone as it flies. It can avoid obstacles if it encounters any and the propeller blades are enclosed so you won’t accidentally get them tangled in anything or cause damage.

To watch the part-drone, part-camera in action, check out the video below.

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By Chris

Senior Front-end Developer