Designer Pasta

I am a huge pasta lover, and even consider myself an amateur pasta maker (only linguini and ravioli, hence amateur). While exploring The New York Times Food section, I stumbled on an article about a new pasta: cascatelli. The pasta was created by Dan Pashman, the host of the podcast The Sporkful, with a pasta company, Sfoglini, based in West Coxsackie, NY. The article pointed me to his podcast Mission: ImPASTAble, where he documented the entire 3-year creation process. The start? A pasta debate. He created three metrics to score kinds of pasta: 1. Forkability, 2. Sauceability, and 3. Toothsinkability (having a nice bite). He argues that most pasta types that already exist fail at least one of these categories, like how spaghetti doesn’t hold enough sauce, and how angel hair gets mushy easily.

According to The New York Times article, the pasta is larger than most short pasta and is ideal for holding simpler sauces, like marinara or pesto.

I just started to listen to the podcast, but the process reminds me of design projects: a problem and/or goal, research, iterations, and the final result. I’m looking forward to listening to the full Mission: ImPASTAble series, and looking forward even more to getting my hands on a box of cascatelli!

Photo by Scott Gordon Bleicher via The New York Times

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