A Type of Mesmerizing

The typography-based motion graphics of designer Kenny Brandenberger provides the viewer with a mesmerizing experience. His work has a way of bringing us in and keeping us there — even when we know we are watching the same loop over and over. Somehow the loops feel fresh even if continuous. How exactly he does this may be intangible, but the artist certainly seems to be a perfectionist in finding the right beat, flow, rhythm, and ease. He says: “I have a few rules of my own to follow when I design a motion piece: it has to be fun to watch, bold, seamless and it has to work in static.”

Most of Kenny’s work is done in AfterEffects and Cinema4D. While he has unquestionably mastered the programs at this point, Brandenberger has commented that the programs had a steep learning curve for him initially.

Kenny says of his inspiration: “I have always been fascinated by typographic Swiss posters of the 60s and 70s. Some of them look like they were designed for motion, but they just didn’t have the tools to make them move. I wanted to reproduce this same bold style and add a 21st-century layer: motion.”

He has worked for brands such as Dropbox, Ray-Ban, TikTok, Asics, and many more.

For his extensive catalog of work, be sure to look through @kennybrandenberger.

Artist quotes used from an interview with It’s Nice That.


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