Enhancing History

Image credit: Stuart Humphryes/BabelColour
Image credit: Frank Hurley c. 1915

For the past 16 years Stuart Humphryes (on-line persona BabelColour) has been a notable colourisation artist. What is that exactly? Humphryes is known for his restoration of early color photographs and film. This is not colorizing, the addition of color to black-and-white images (still or moving), Humphryes restores and enhances aged color images. Recently Stuart Humphryes’ restoration work of the color images taken by Frank Hurley in Antarctica from 1914-1917 was featured in LiveScience. Photographer Frank Hurley was the photographer aboard the Endurance, Sir Ernest Shackleton’s Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition from 1914 to 1917. Shackleton’s expedition was historic and disastrous and the existence of any images, let alone color ones, is a miracle. Humphryes restoration process focused on enhancing the colors that were in Hurley’s original images and changed nothing except for how we are able to experience them. Humphryes’ own words describe his approach to restoration best: “… I try to build a bridge between the modern viewer and the past by removing the ravages of time and making a photo from 1910 look like it was taken on an iPhone.”

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