‘Tis the season

There are children around the world who are not able to go to school because their days are spent hauling water for their family’s survival. This realization alarmed two young sisters from Texas and motivated them to try to make a difference for these innocent children. The pair discovered that not only are these children not learning to read and write, but one child dies every 15 seconds from being exposed to unclean water. In fact, 2.1 billion people around the world face lack of access to clean water. These discoveries led Isabelle and Katherine Adams to found Paper for Water, an origami Christmas ornament making project. The girls sell their handmade origami ornaments and use the proceeds to fund water wells in developing countries. The sisters non-profit grew and, now in their tenth year, Paper for Water’s primary goal continues to be funding water wells worldwide, one well at a time, and “one piece of paper at a time.” Since its inception, the girls have raised more than $2.5 million and have funded water projects in 20 countries! With each and every donation, Paper for Water has, in return, sent a handmade origami Christmas ornament as a thank you. At a very young age, these sisters have made an incredible impact for hundreds of people around the world and they continue to do so.

‘Tis the season…consider helping Isabelle and Katherine provide fresh drinking water to underserved areas around the world. You could potentially save a life and enable these children to get an education. Their ornaments are beautiful with a beautiful purpose. To get an ornament, please visit their website, and make sure you follow Paper for Water on Instagram, as I do.

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By Mary Ellen

Finance Director