Bria = Cheese

Senior Designer

Driven by a love of fine art and drawn to extremes, Bria is dedicated to finding the most provocative, eye-catching, unmissable design solution to any client need. That’s one of the reasons she fits in so well at Taylor Design. Another is that she adds to our collective studio soundtrack, thanks to her Lykke Li and Jake Bugg downloads. A former competitive dancer and fierce karaoke talent, she spends much of her free time on iphoneography and binge-watching Netflix originals.

Before Taylor: Bria joined by way of UConn’s School of Fine Arts and her summer 2014 internship with us. She also studied communication design at Central Saint Martins in London, where she designed the 2014 Gallery Exhibition Poster.

Recommended digital field trips: It’s Nice That, The Sketchbook Project

Recommended IRL field trips: Reykjavik, Iceland and London, England

Taylor Design Blog


Designer Pasta

I am a huge pasta lover, and even consider myself an amateur pasta maker (only linguini and ravioli, hence amateur). While exploring The New York Times Food section, I stumbled on an article about a new pasta: cascatelli. The pasta was created by Dan Pashman, the host of the podcast The Sporkful, with a pasta… Read More


Leave Comic Sans Alone

Yes, you read that correctly. Shocking, I know, coming from a designer. Now, I’m not saying your next design should be set in Comic Sans, but I am saying that Comic Sans may have its place. I recently read an article about how Comic Sans might help people with dyslexia and is actually recommended by… Read More


Perfectly Picked and Placed

Ellen Hoverkamp is a photographer based in West Haven, Connecticut. She masterfully creates food, botanicals, and floral still lives. Her tool? A flatbed scanner. Typically, scanners are used for reproducing flat materials, but this is the complete opposite of Ellen’s work. Laying her natural, found elements on the bed of the scanner, Ellen’s work captures… Read More


One of a Kind Home Design

I truly believe that “good design” pays attention to details. Even better design adds a personal touch. I think this rings true of all types of design—graphic, interactive, interior, etc. Grace Mitchell, an interior designer on HGTV’s One of a Kind, has a really unique process of really getting to know her clients before diving… Read More


Home is Where the Art Is

Now that we’ve all been mainly indoors for a few weeks now, I thought I’d share one of my favorite artists whose oil paintings examines the idea of “home.” Ekaterina Popova’s current body of work consists of paintings (ranging in size from 9″ x 12″ to 6′ x 5′) of interior spaces (particularly bedrooms) of… Read More


Searching for Rainbows

Over the last few weeks, I’ve had time to really slow down and focus on the present. I’ve noticed things I typically overlook. One of the things that has been bringing me joy are these little rainbows that appear in my house at different times of the day. I love how unique they are—color, shape,… Read More


Maker’s Mark

This past weekend I went to Kentucky, and because I was in bourbon country, I needed to book a tour at Maker’s Mark. While most distillery tours I’ve taken are similar, this one stood out to me for a few reasons. Not only was the distillery tastefully branded with their iconic SIV mark, and painted… Read More


Throne Opener

Warning: If you have yet to watch the season premiere of season 8 of Game of Thrones, DO NOT read this. My number one rule for watching TV is that you cannot skip the opening credits—I blame the designer in me. The designer in me also appreciates when there is a concept for the opening… Read More