Hannah W will break out into song at any moment.

Front-end Web Developer

Hannah can’t get enough of coding, except when she’s cooing over her adorable Shih Tzu, Ella or making delicious dishes and DIY-crafts. A Briton who came to the U.S. in 2013, she’s already seen many miles of her adopted country, thanks to a five-week, cross-country road trip. Her experience includes developing responsive and e-commerce websites (on the Umbraco and WordPress CMS platforms), social media and email campaigns, as well as SEO and cross-platform testing. She joined Taylor in April 2014 to expand our active in-house digital capabilities.

Before Taylor: Worked as a front-end developer at ADC Marketing Group and a developer at Medialink, both in Liverpool, UK. Graduated Liverpool John Moores University in Liverpool, UK, earning a Bachelor of Science Degree with Honors in Internet Computing. Her areas of study included: programming, software development, virtual worlds, forensic computing and network security.

Recommended digital field trips: InstagramMashable, CodePen, Codrops

Favorite IRL field trips: California, Portugal

Taylor Design Blog


Transforming the Whiteboard

We all know the whiteboard has long been of value for learning, mapping out ideas, doodling the hours away, planning next steps, the list goes on. However, as technology advances and almost every gadget is now bluetooth compatible or wireless, the whiteboard hasn’t kept up, especially the ones that come in a wall paint form.… Read More


Who Will You Be?

Scrolling through Mashable, I came across a new Kickstarter campaign for a startup called MashMe. The software turns you into an animated character using just a webcam. You simply stand/sit in front of it, talk, and make gestures that are replaced with an animated character in real time. You can be anything from a robot… Read More


Barbie’s on Instagram!

As a big Barbie fan, I was delighted to find that Miss Barbie has her very own Instagram account. Okay, I guess she isn’t really posting her own selfies, but the Barbie team at Mattel sure makes it feel like she is! Barbie looks to be on more adventures than the rest of us and… Read More


Looking for a dog?

Source: Mashable Meet Spot, Google’s robot dog that has actions so realistic, it’s slightly disturbing. A friend shared this post with me from Mashable, featuring a 2-minute video released by Google-acquired Boston Dynamics Lab demonstrating robot abuse (it seems). There was no further explanation into what the reasoning for the video was, but watching a robotic dog stay upright… Read More


It’s The Little Things

Trawling back through my Twitter account, I stumbled upon an old tweet I’d posted with a link to an article about the visual identity for the smallest cafe in North America: La Distributrice in Montréal, Quebec. I loved it then and looking back now, I love it more. The simplicity of the design and use of… Read More


A lot of Money for Eleanor Rigby

As a Liverpudlian, or should I say in more common terms, a “scouser,” I like to keep close to my roots, staying on top of the news and daily updates from Liverpool. Last week on Twitter, I came across this interesting sculpture of Eleanor Rigby made of a million pounds worth of bank notes that was… Read More


What about .co.uk?

There were many serious questions surrounding Scotland’s recent failed attempt at secession: Would Scotland gain automatic entrance to the EU? How would Scotland govern and defend itself? What about the Flag? Yet often the most important questions were overlooked… What about .co.uk? The all important domain…Would the Scots have to find another? .scot? Would it… Read More