Mary Ellen likes to live by the poolside.

Finance Director

As our director of all-things-financial, from invoicing and quarterly reporting to forecasting and billing, Mary Ellen knows her numbers. She also knows how to crochet a truly excellent sweater for her sweet great niece Mia Rose. And she's a lover of all things Italian, especially cavatellis. When she's not manning the books, she can be found hanging out with her family and pet parottlet.

Before Taylor: Finance manager at Brandman’s in Norwalk. Controller and bookkeeper at Focus Vision and QTV-Autocue, both of Stamford. Educated at Sacred Heart Academy, Stamford, and Norwalk Community College.

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Favorite IRL field trips: Italy

Taylor Design Blog


Rockin’ 1000

Over this past year during Covid, I have really enjoyed many late nights of watching YouTube music videos. A special shout out to my son-in-law for introducing us to a large variety of musical treats and for keeping our family room hopping! There is one selection that he introduced us to that I really think… Read More


Ze Ze Lai

Some may not care too much for watercolor paintings, some may love them. I have always been a big fan. On Instagram, I stumbled upon a watercolor artist by the name of Ze Ze Lai. Her watercolor paintings are very realistic and absolutely stunning. She mostly paints animals, in particular birds, in dreamlike and mystical… Read More


Whaling Walls

When Robert Wyland was 14 years old, he and his Mom traveled to Laguna Beach, California from their home in Michigan. A few years later, Wyland moved to Laguna Beach and was commissioned to paint a mural on the side of a hotel which he titled Gray Whale and Calf. The mural was inspired by… Read More


Underground at Ink Block

Underground at Ink Block is a beautiful transformation of an eight-acre underpass located under I-93 between Boston’s South End and South Boston neighborhoods. The area has been transformed into an active urban park, cultural attraction, parking amenity, pedestrian boardwalks, and bicycle paths. At present, it displays 18 murals, nine of which were added last summer.… Read More


Creativity for Social Change

Artists for Humanity (AFH) is a thriving non-profit for the creative, young, under-resourced teens of Boston to express and explore their creative abilities. AFH was established to address the lack of art experience within the Boston Public School system. Located in the heart of South Boston (aka Southie), AFH helps introduce young people from urban… Read More


Paper is A Powerful Tool

Yulia Brodskaya is a Russian-born UK-based artist/illustrator known for her elegant, handmade, and detailed paper illustrations. She folds and sculpts the pieces of paper into three-dimensional works. The colors that she chooses are so bright, beautiful, and full of enjoyment for any set of eyes to see. I have been following her on Instagram for… Read More


Denim Fabric

Deniz Sağdıç is a Turkish multimedia artist. Most artists use graphite or paint to create realistic portraits, but Deniz chooses to use denim. Her work is created by upcycling various found pieces of denim fabric. She collects denim materials in a large variety of blue hues. She then cuts the fabric into squares, rectangles, and… Read More


Is that a Rug?

Talk about a magic carpet! Spanish artist, Selva Aparicio has brilliantly transformed a wooden floor for her MFA thesis at Yale University into a magical, lifelike carpet. Aparicio creates ornately patterned carpets out of wooden floors. From afar, her carved creations resemble a real tapestry. When a viewer gets closer, they can see the intricate… Read More


50,000 Legos Can Make for a Wave of Fun

What fun would it be to create artworks with plastic building blocks as your full-time job? Japanese artist, Jumpei Mitsui is one of 21 LEGO Certified Professionals in the world. Sounds like a future job opportunity for one or both of the Fichandler twins. The two of them are masters with LEGOs, but I think… Read More