Steph loves things in rainbow order.

Art Director

Stephanie is motivated by beautiful typefaces. And she believes in the power of a beautiful color palette—like those of our clients Foundation Source and the Chazen Institute of Global Business. Steph must get organized before getting to work. While designing, illustrating, or just home on the weekends with her family, she likes listening to current music, throwback music, and her weekly Spotify playlist.

Before Taylor: Web design, book design, and branding projects in studios around Connecticut. She is a 2009 graduate of UConn’s Communication Design program.

Recommended digital field trips: Women Who DrawPinterest, following her favorite comedians on Twitter

Recommended IRL field trips: Exploring areas of Portugal and Brazil

Taylor Design Blog


Comic Relief: Part 2

A few months ago, I posted the first in a series of funny artist roundups. As I gather artists for Part 2, it does seem that the collective weight on our shoulders is slowly lifting. At this point, a majority of my friends and family have either signed up for or have received their first… Read More


Comic Relief: Part 1

As we round the corner towards one full year in quarantine (!), having grappled with the emotions and stresses of the unknown and the difficult, one thing is for sure: It helps to laugh. And so in this spirit, I’ve collected four of my favorite funny artists/comics to share with you—with a few sample artworks… Read More


Nicely Packaged

Amazon is by no means a leader in the design world. The website has always been — aesthetically speaking — dated, boring, bare-bones, and ugly. I suppose the nicest word for this design aesthetic would be ‘utilitarian.’ Even the current app icon (left) looks like it was designed in a bygone era. For a company… Read More


Land Doesn’t Vote, People Do

If you have been following the election results as they slowly unfolded over the last six days, you may have been reminded of the power of good infographics. Through this painfully detailed, county-by-county unfolding of data, the New York Times created three main infographic maps to keep people aware of what was happening—with one quick… Read More


The Big Reveal

The ‘big reveal’ and other elements of surprise have long been revered design techniques. I have always loved designing stationery that looks white and typical from the exterior, but once opened delivers a big punch of color to the viewer. While these techniques are often used by print, web, and animation designers, there is less… Read More


Designers in Quarantine

The other day I came across these brightly colored gradient puzzles. At first, I thought, “That’s pretty but ridiculous.” Who would want to sit there and organize all these pieces into 20+ rows of sliiightly different colored groups? Then, as soon as I thought about doing that, I decided it would be tremendously satisfying. My… Read More


“Wolfwalkers” from Cartoon Saloon

A new feature length film, Wolfwalkers, is set to come out from the four-time Academy Award®, Golden Globe®, BAFTA, and Emmy nominated Irish animation studio, Cartoon Saloon. The trailer shows a magical tale full of wild and dangerous adventure, from IMDB: “In a time of superstition and magic, when wolves are seen as demonic and… Read More


Elevating the Airport

While there has been nothing pretty about the construction at LaGuardia Airport over the last few years, the renovation seems to be worth the wait. Designed by artist Laura Owens, Terminal B has been given a beautiful mosaic treatment across its impressive walls and surfaces. The piece is entitled “I🍕NY” and features 80 iconic references… Read More


Art History

In Bristol, England where the statue of slave trader Edward Colston was toppled during a Black Lives Matter protest, artist Marc Quinn and BLM protestor Jen Reid have been working privately on a statue to replace it. On the day that the Colston statue came down, Reid was photographed standing on top of the plinth… Read More