Steph loves things in rainbow order.

Art Director

Stephanie is motivated by beautiful typefaces. And she believes in the power of a beautiful color palette—like those of our clients Foundation Source and the Chazen Institute of Global Business. Steph must get organized before getting to work. While designing, illustrating, or just home on the weekends with her husband and kids, she likes listening to to current music, throwback music, and her weekly Spotify playlist.

Before Taylor: Web design, book design, and branding projects in studios around Connecticut. She is a 2009 graduate of UConn’s Communication Design program.

Recommended digital field trips: Women Who DrawPinterest, following her favorite comedians on Twitter

Recommended IRL field trips: Exploring areas of Portugal and Brazil

Taylor Design Blog


Playing with LEGOs

LEGO has launched a new ad campaign/poster series entitled “Imagine.” Each poster displays a group or duo of famously recognized cartoon characters using only the simplest LEGO pieces. The campaign was created by the German design agency Jung Von Matt. Check out the whole ad series here.


Your Name is Windows. Why Are You a Flag?

When Paula Scher was tasked with designing the identity for Microsoft’s Windows 8, she did what she’s so well known for: finding the simple and obvious solution. So, she took the flag and made it a window—reiterating the company’s originally intended metaphor for an individual’s experience at his/her computer. The straight lines and perspective of… Read More


Georgia and Verdana Go Pro

After what seems like decades (in internet time anyway), two of the most prominently used web-safe fonts have finally expanded their families. Not only do Georgia Pro and Verdana Pro offer Light, Semibold, Black, and even condensed versions, but Webtype has also been so bold as to create Small Caps, oldstyle figures, and other OpenType… Read More