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Otterly Adorable Teabags

Have you wanted to make your tea more enjoyable than it already is? Well, Ocean-Teabags has the answer for you with these teabags based on animals of the sea! Each handcrafted teabag is stylized after different sea creatures. When placed in hot water, it turns into a miniature ocean for your teabag. After numerous trials… Read More


Would You Live in a Shipping Container?

  I have always been a fan of minimalism and owning less things. I have learned to value quality over quantity. I came across tiny homes a couple of years ago and fell in love with them. I realized that I don’t need that much space for my belongings. I started researching how to build… Read More


Film is Not Dead!

I was packing for my trip to South Korea and Taiwan after graduating. I had the choice of bringing my Fuji mirrorless digital camera or my Canon P film camera. One used SD cards while the other used rolls of film. A hard decision, but I chose the film camera for my two week trip… Read More


LG’s Rollable TV

LG just revealed their newest television at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas; one of the first televisions to be retractable. The new LG Signature OLED TV R allows users to hide the 65-inch screen with a click of a button. The screen can also be adjusted to different aspect ratios and even hides… Read More


Not your average Christmas Tree

People are always bound to do some last minute shopping for their family and friends each year during the holidays. Sometimes being dragged to the mall is not the most appealing thing about the holidays, especially if you just want to nap all day. What if there was a place in the mall where you… Read More


DIY Papercraft Lamps to Light Up Your Room!

I’ve done origami animals, but this is on another level. These geometric animal lamps, created by OWL in Lisbon, are designed by two architects, Hugo Formiga and Teresa Almeida. The focus of the lamps is to “raise awareness about wildlife and simultaneously recreates the animals in a playful and abstract manner.” I enjoy the message behind… Read More


Seven Eleven Japan’s Rebranding — Eight Years in the Making

Eight years ago, Kashiwa Sato began an enormous project to rebrand 7-Eleven, one of Japan’s largest convenience store (conbini) private brand. The redesigning of over 1700 products lead to record breaking sales every quarter for the brand. Kashiwa has previously worked with Uniqlo and NTT Docomo. On the second year of the redesign, Kashiwa launched “Seven Cafe” which… Read More


Optical Illusion Notebook designed by a Japanese High Schooler

Kiyotaka “Mozu” Mizukoshi enjoyed tricking his friends with his doodles on their notebooks at his fine arts high school in Tokyo. They would comeback to their desk with eraser shavings on their notebook but they wouldn’t be swept away. That’s when they realized that they fell for another one of Mozu’s drawings. Inspired by his… Read More


Food Waste to Tableware by Kosuke Araki

In North America and Europe, food waste per person per year is around 209 to 253 pounds. The average person eats about four pounds of food a day, this translates to about a months worth of food that ends up being waste. Kosuke Araki, a Japanese designer living in Tokyo, “creates works in search of… Read More