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The Ten Commandments of Dieter Rams

The day after the Brand New Conference in San Francisco, I visited the SFMOMA with my friend Earl Gee and we enjoyed the special exhibit of Dieter Rams. The famous German industrial designer’s ten principles for good design are timeless: (1) Good design is innovative, (2) Good design makes a product useful, (3) Good design… Read More


Paper in Your Pocket (or Purse)

Why carry your cash around in a dead animal when you put it in a dead tree? (Which, of course, can be recycled.) If you are a sucker for all things designed, like most of us, you are going to want/need one of these PaperWallets.


The Booooom! + Adobe Remake Project = Not Appropriate

Adobe’s latest “Imagination Challenge” in the UK asks students to “remake” a famous work of art through photography. Apparently, the people at the blog Boooooom! thought it was such an original idea, they decided to hold the exact same competition. Originality, what’s that? Of course, there is nothing new about appropriation, as its use is… Read More