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Broadening the Strokes

It is no surprise to anyone familiar with human history that the vast majority of art collected in museums worldwide was created by male artists. To correct this imbalance in their own collection, the Baltimore Museum of Art has announced that all art purchases in 2020 will be those by female artists. This new initiative… Read More


Space Invasion in Stamford Downtown

Each year Stamford Downtown hosts a distinguished outdoor sculpture exhibit designed to attract both local and regional audiences. This year’s theme is “Space Invasion,” and all summer, UFOs and rockets will line the sidewalks and parks of the city. Steve and Cindy’s concept was selected from over 100 entries, and they are happy to present:… Read More


Inquiring Minds Want to Know

“Why is Iceland so creative?” was the basis for a study created by University of Kansas professor and psychologist Barbara A. Kerr. After a vacation stopover in Reykjavík where she spent time within the creative community, Kerr became curious as to why this isolated island nation is the birthplace to some of the most innovative contemporary… Read More


A Japanese Tip

No tipping is usually the customer rule of thumb in food establishments in Japan. Yuki Tatsumi was working as a waiter in a restaurant, when he noticed as he was bussing a table, a customer had intricately folded up the paper chopstick sleeve and left it behind. He began to realize that other customers were… Read More


Meet the Artists Painting the Obama’s Post-Presidential Portraits

Traditionally, the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery commissions portraits of the president and first lady after they’ve left office. Now it is the Obamas’ turn, and they’ve recently announced the artists they’ve chosen. Their selections break boundaries; they represent the first black artists to paint a president and a first lady. These accomplished and talented artists are Kehinde Wiley, who… Read More


A CGI Master Made a New Artwork Every Day for 10 Years

Mike Winkelmann, the prolific CGI artist and animator also known as Beeple, has been posting a new digital illustration—ranging from the abstract to representative, sci-fi to surreal, somber to sarcastic—every 24 hours. On May 1, 2017, the Wisconsin-based artist published his 3,650th iteration of the series, which has gone uninterrupted through rain and shine, sickness… Read More


How Are Your Carving Skills?

No, I don’t mean carving a turkey! I’m talking about wood carving skills. This nifty power-glove lets you carve wood and stone with your fingers. The power-glove, called Happaratus, was created by Morten Grønning as part of a graduation project at the Royal College of Art. The glove has small sanding tips on the end… Read More


All in the Details

Often I admire the design details in the most mundane things, but these manhole covers are works of art. After receiving a link to some images of them from a friend, I found other posts and books about them and “Manhoru” Mania. Japanese municipalities started creating these customized manhole covers in the 1980s. They are… Read More


Beauty is Embarrassing

Pee Wees Playhouse fan? I definitely am. I tried to watch the show whenever I had the chance. The characters and set design were amazing and really fueled the imagination. The film Beauty is Embarrassing chronicles the life of artist, illustrator, animator and puppeteer Wayne White, one of the set and puppet designers on the… Read More