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Sarah Lawrence College

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Websites and Sales Tools

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Foundation Source

Websites and Sales Tools

Mount Sinai Health System


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2016 UCDA Competition

Taylor Design received two awards in the 2016 UCDA Competition. The winning entries included the Spring 2016 issue of “Sarah Lawrence” magazine, below top, designed by Hannah Fichandler and the Winter 2016 issue of Columbia Business School’s “Ideas at Work” publication, below bottom, designed by Stephanie Baumer.SLC_Spring_2016_low Columbia_Ideas_2016_small_lo_res


2016 CADC Show Award Winners

TD has earned awards at the 2016 Annual CADC Awards Show: Gold Awards for Columbia University’s “Ideas at Work” anniversary issue and “Sarah Lawrence” magazine’s fall issue; Silver Awards for the Mount Sinai Medical Center 2016 “Science & Medicine” magazine, Lake Champlain Basin Program’s “Explore Our Lake” website, Grand Hyatt’s New York Central Bar promotion at GCT, and our 2016 Taylor Design calendar; Bronze Awards for Foundation Source’s Entrepreneurial Philanthropy campaign, Barrett Outdoor’s identity program, Passur Aerospace’s website, Keep America Beautiful’s 2015 annual report, and Terex’s Safety Saves Lives poster.cadc-2016


Spy Pup

247main.com - Posted by Hannah W

We all know that watching Nat Geo WILD is captivating. The sheer fascination of watching animals in their natural habitat is enough to leave you gobsmacked. However, there is a new guy in town that will likely change everything. Meet Spy Pup, the robot spy dog that is built so life-like that its… Read More

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