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2017 Stamford Boys & Girls Club 5k

The 2017 Stamford Boys & Girls Club 5K attracted over 1,800 runners. One of our team members, Steve Habersang, finishes strong on the boardwalk at mile marker 3. Over $200,000 was raised to benefit the Stamford Boys & Girls Club.


2017 American Web Design Award Winner

We received notice from GDUSA Magazine that our work was selected as a winner in the 2017 American Web Design Awards competition. The project chosen was the Foundation Source website. The site was designed by Steph Baumer, written by Catherine Censor, illustrated by James Steinberg, photographed by Don Hamerman, and programmed by Hannah Wool.


American Graphic Design & Advertising 31 Awards Competition

Taylor Design received two awards in the 2017 American Graphic Design & Advertising 31 Awards Competition. The “Getting to Know Us” Booklet produced for Foundation Source received an award of distinction in the Brochures & Catalogs Competition  The piece was designed by Steph Baumer, illustrated by James Steinberg, and written by Catherine Sensor. The “Brigham Health” magazine produced… Read More


Bitmoji, Youmoji

247main.com - Posted by Mary Ellen

People either love emojis or hate them. I personally do not like the animated ones that dance around when they are attached to an email. I find them very obnoxious. As we also know, attaching emojis to emails is not proper etiquette. However, sending them in text messages is something that we… Read More

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