2017 Stamford Boys & Girls Club 5k

The 2017 Stamford Boys & Girls Club 5K attracted over 1,800 runners. One of our team members, Steve Habersang, finishes strong on the boardwalk at mile marker 3. Over $200,000 was raised to benefit the Stamford Boys & Girls Club.


2017 American Web Design Award Winner

We received notice from GDUSA Magazine that our work was selected as a winner in the 2017 American Web Design Awards competition. The project chosen was the Foundation Source website. The site was designed by Steph Baumer, written by Catherine Censor, illustrated by James Steinberg, photographed by Don Hamerman, and programmed by Hannah Wool.


American Graphic Design & Advertising 31 Awards Competition

Taylor Design received two awards in the 2017 American Graphic Design & Advertising 31 Awards Competition. The “Getting to Know Us” Booklet produced for Foundation Source received an award of distinction in the Brochures & Catalogs Competition  The piece was designed by Steph Baumer, illustrated by James Steinberg, and written by Catherine Sensor. The “Brigham Health” magazine produced for Brigham & Women’s Hospital, Boston, was selected as a both a Finalist and Best of Category in the Publication Design Competition. The piece was designed by Steve Habersang; illustrated by Michael Hoeweler, T.M. Detwiler, Chris Gash, and Cindy Lau; written by Joy Howard, Jennifer Reardon, and Lauren Thompson; and photographed by Anton Grassel, Larry Magget, Stu Rosner, and Len Rubenstein.


Connecticut Awards of Excellence Winners

We received notice that the 2016 Annual Report we created for Stamford Public Schools received an award in the CABE Connecticut Awards of Excellence for Educational Communications competition. The report, designed by Vaughn Fender and written by Sharon Beadle will be showcased at the CABE/CAPSS convention on November 17, 2017 at the Mystic Marriott Hotel, Groton.


Creative Quarterly 46 Selects Grand Hyatt Installation

An installation promoting New York Central Bar at the Grand Hyatt New York, designed by Bria Caso and Jocelyn Lau, was selected this week to be featured in Issue 46 of Creative Quarterly.


2016 UCDA Competition

Taylor Design received two awards in the 2016 UCDA Competition. The winning entries included the Spring 2016 issue of “Sarah Lawrence” magazine, below top, designed by Hannah Fichandler and the Winter 2016 issue of Columbia Business School’s “Ideas at Work” publication, below bottom, designed by Stephanie Baumer.


2016 CADC Show Award Winners

TD has earned awards at the 2016 Annual CADC Awards Show: Gold Awards for Columbia University’s “Ideas at Work” anniversary issue and “Sarah Lawrence” magazine’s fall issue; Silver Awards for the Mount Sinai Medical Center 2016 “Science & Medicine” magazine, Lake Champlain Basin Program’s “Explore Our Lake” website, Grand Hyatt’s New York Central Bar promotion at GCT, and our 2016 Taylor Design calendar; Bronze Awards for Foundation Source’s Entrepreneurial Philanthropy campaign, Barrett Outdoor’s identity program, Passur Aerospace’s website, Keep America Beautiful’s 2015 annual report, and Terex’s Safety Saves Lives poster.


2016 Stamford Boys & Girls Club 5K

The 2016 Stamford Boys & Girls Club 5K attracted over 1,700 runners. Our team included Steve and Kristine Habersang, Hannah Wool, Dan Taylor, Hannah Fichandler, Riva Fischel, Bria Caso, Jodi Olinsky, Courtney Kowcheris, and Clem Pascarella. Photo of Hannah, Bria, Hannah, and Riva taken at World of Beer, where we gathered after the race. Over $200,000 was raised to benefit the Stamford Boys & Girls Club.


2016 Creativity International Competition Winners

Creativity International announced that our work has been chosen as winners in the 2016 Creativity International Awards Competition. The first winning entry is Foundation Source’s “Driving Change: Entrepreneurial Philanthropy” website and promotional campaign, which was designed by Steph Baumer, written by Page Snow and Catherine Censor, and developed by Chris Yerkes. The second winning entry is the Southwest Regional Mental Health Board’s website “Turning Point”, which was designed by Steve Habersang and developed by Hannah Wool.