Going the Extra Mile

Too often, designers take the easy way out. We Photoshop images, use pre-made textures, make things look like “this” without actually being “this.” It’s not as if we mean to be phonies, but a shortage of time, energy, and resources forces one to take the quickest, most efficient route. Usually it leads us straight to the computer. This is a shame, since there is something to be said about the authenticity of good design. We should be taking the time to carve that logo into a plank of wood if that’s what the project calls for. Or scan that filleted fish to get the perfect background. As designers, we are responsible for the integrity we create. Every effort should be taken to execute a concept in all of the glory from which it originated in your mind. The details are key and every element of a finished piece is telling of the process, as well as the eventual worth of the piece as a creative artifact.

Director Dulcidio Caldeira of ParanoidBR had details in mind when he shot this video for MTV Brazil (though the sound track may be one detail he overlooked). The video is a clever animation with the tagline “A Musica Nao Para” (Not for the Music). The cartoon captures that idea by depicting some of the more notorious characters in rock music history. Caldeira takes this simple animation a step further by using the unique properties of a balloon to create a tactile and dynamic flip-book effect in quite an unusual way.

The time and resources it must have taken to create this one minute video had to have been extensive. Yet without that effort, the payoff would not have been nearly as satisfying. The moral of the story: Don’t cheapen your design efforts by taking the easy way out. Go the extra mile—even if it’s made up of balloons.

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