Transforming the Whiteboard

We all know the whiteboard has long been of value for learning, mapping out ideas, doodling the hours away, planning next steps, the list goes on. However, as technology advances and almost every gadget is now bluetooth compatible or wireless, the whiteboard hasn’t kept up, especially the ones that come in a wall paint form. We’re all so used to having everything available at our fingertips and in a digital form which is why whiteboards can be impractical for certain tasks.

This new little gadget, called the Smartmarker, can change that. Stick the capture sensor to your whiteboard, click the go button, insert a marker and you are ready to get those ideas from whiteboard to your devices in real-time. Ponder, revise and share. It’s that simple. Now, start brainstorming.


Taylor Design Blog

By Hannah W

Front-end Web Developer