How Are Your Carving Skills?

No, I don’t mean carving a turkey! I’m talking about wood carving skills. This nifty power-glove lets you carve wood and stone with your fingers. The power-glove, called Happaratus, was created by Morten Grønning as part of a graduation project at the Royal College of Art. The glove has small sanding tips on the end of the first three fingers to allow you to carve any shape you can imagine with ease. You don’t need to be a carpenter to get that professional finish on your old favorite wood or stone pieces that need a little TLC. Anyone with a design eye (or not) can get to work with this glove and create anything from a wooden spoon to a beautiful fruit bowl for the coffee table. The possibilities are endless.

See the full scope of the project on their website at Happaratus.

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