Could you live without technology for a month?

Yurt in NY.

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One man did just that. E.J. Támara went for a full month without technology. He spent the month on the Saint James Way, which is an ancient pilgrimage route in Spain. He wrote about the difficulties he faced and the challenges of not being “connected” as well as the positive impact it had on him.

His story was interesting and made me think back to times when I’ve been without my phone, the anxiety it creates, along with the fear of being totally lost. This always seems irrational since I grew up without most of the technology we have today and did just fine. The idea of not being able to cope without it is a worrying one. We should be able to find time to disconnect and relax, be that with a nice book, camping for the weekend or simply spending time with friends and family.

I just recently adopted a puppy and at times when I’m playing with her, I find I’m dangling a toy from one hand and have my phone in the other reading something online. I always consciously realize I’m doing this, and put the phone down with the thought that “this puppy knows I’m not giving her 100% of my attention because she can’t see my face behind the phone.”

With that in mind, my husband and I have planned a trip to stay in a yurt in a remote part of New York state for Thanksgiving with our new puppy, and we plan on being disconnected! Hopefully we can make it through the trip without frantically driving to the nearest WiFi spot to get “re-connected!”

Read E.J. Támara’s story here.

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