Meet Elmoji

Photo by WowWee

Most kids love Sesame Street and the all too famous character, Elmo. Allow me to introduce you to Elmoji, the tiny little Elmo robot that will teach your kids to code! That’s right! Coding at 3 years of age sounds promising to me.

Debuted at the annual CES (Consumer Electronics Show) conference this year, Elmoji (by WowWee) teams up with an app that teaches young children the basic foundations of coding through emojis, and Elmo the robot. Elmoji moves around, reacts to the game and encourages the child’s progress. Elmoji is currently in development mode and is said to be released later this year. Though I don’t have children yet, as a developer, I will be snatching up one of these for them (or myself in the meantime!).

Checkout this YouTube video below by Robotics Trends for a more detailed look at Elmoji and its accompanying app.

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By Hannah W

Front-end Web Developer