I’ve recently took up a new hobby practicing calligraphy. I’ve spent countless hours perusing the Internet to find as many resources as I can to help with my progress. One of the things I found whilst following fellow calligraphers on Instagram was the desire to write each other personal notes, postcards and find pen pals to practice their calligraphy skills with. I liked this idea as it helps us to take a break from everything digital and reconnect with our manual self.

Practicing my calligraphy skills, no robot here.

Since I’ve recently been blogging about robots, I came across this little guy, Meet Bond, the robot that creates such perfectly handwritten notes you wonder if your pen pal is really a robot. Roboticists, software engineers and typographers have teamed together to create this perfect handwriting robot that carefully analyzes different handwriting styles recreating them perfectly, even your own scanned in handwriting. The goal of this bot is to keep the handwriting as natural as possible resulting in an imperfect handwritten note. If you received one of these robot-written notes in the post, you wouldn’t question its human authenticity.

Check out the video below to see how he works, it is pretty fascinating!

In my opinion, I still think writing should be kept to the pens, paper and the human hand. But technology is advancing no matter what, and this guy is perfect for marketers to send those imperfect, mass handwritten notes to their customers, allowing them the ability to create a personal touch.

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