A Few of My Favorite Podcasts

Perfect for us long commuters, I have compiled a short list of my favorite podcasts at the moment. Give them a listen and let me know what you think.

Design Matters
For creatives, this podcast by designer Debbie Millman interviews and profiles famous designers, artists, writers and educators about various topics and their careers. DJ Stout, Brian Collins, and Michael Bierut are some of my favorite interviewees.

For crime fans, this podcast tells the true stories of organized crime in different American cities. The first season begins in Providence, Rhode Island with the former crooked mayor, Buddy Cianci, and the Patriarca crime family. I really enjoyed the sound clips and interviews from the mobsters and cops mentioned in the story.

For mystery fans, this story by the producers of Serial and This American Life, is about a brilliant, unorthodox man named John who despises his Alabama hometown and decides to do something about it. A twist in the story, keeps me from saying more.

On Point
For weekly news and a variety of timely and opinionated topics, this news podcast with Tom Ashbrook will keep you informed. He always has a great variety of experts who weigh in on the topics, along with calls from listeners.

This American Life
For fans of journalism, this award-winning public radio show podcast by Ira Glass, covers all sorts of topics. Each week’s show has a theme, explored in several different stories. From thought-provoking to humorous, it’s hard not to find something of interest.

For science and technology fans, Radiolab is a great podcast that weaves stories and science into sound and music-rich documentaries. Some of my favorites shows were about CRISPR gene editing, talking trees, and a woman who was allergic to red meat.

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By Steve

Senior Art Director