What’s the Problem?

Besides looking beautiful, the best product designs are both innovative and functional. They also typically solve a problem of some sort. This past year, Zagreb Design Week in Croatia held a design exhibition titled “What’s the Problem?,” that featured products that did exactly that. Well, except for a few…

One collection in the exhibition purposefully contrasted the innovative and useful product designs and was entitled “The Uncomfortable.” Created by Athens-based architect and designer, Katerina Kamprani, the collection featured everyday objects that look aesthetically beautiful, but fail through faulty design. Both clever and funny, the products she designed would be outright annoying to use, but beautiful to display. Her objects include a fork too fat to poke with, a chair impossible to sit in, and a watering can that puts water back into the can. The whole collection can be seen on her website.

All images by Katerina Kamprani – The Uncomfortable.

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By Steve

Senior Art Director