Small Worlds

As you have probably noticed from many of my past blog posts, I have a fascination with miniature things. It could be my own miniature house that I live in (my bathroom is about the same size as the photo above), or perhaps my love of gnomes. I’m also fairly short myself. However, it could also be that I just have a great appreciation for craft and detail (especially when it’s done by hand)—two things I always strive to include in my own design work.

So to follow on this mini theme, I wanted to share photos of scenes created by German-artist, Frank Kunert. Besides his talent at creating realistic environments by hand (wow!), I really enjoy his creative, witty, dark sense-of-humor that he bakes into his work. His take on mobile phone use at the dinner table (see below) is one of my favorites. Each intricate model takes him from weeks to months to create with various boards, plastics, and paint materials. Once the piece is completed (and perfected) he takes photos of the scenes with his large-format camera.

To learn more about his work and his process visit his website.

All photos by Frank Kunert.

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By Steve

Senior Art Director