Working With a Top Gun

One of the more rewarding parts of a designer’s career is working with talented illustrators. Last week I came across a bold, graphic image headlining an article in the NY Times, thinking to myself “how clever.” Looking below at the small credit I noticed a familiar name, the illustrator Chris Gash. We have partnered with Chris on several editorial projects, most recently assignments for Brigham Health magazine and Northwestern Medicine magazine, and he has proven to be one of our favorites. Among his best qualities is his intelligence. He reads the material (often very complex scientific and medical reports), understands what we are trying to get across to the reader, and then provides not one, not two, but often a dozen creative sketches for our designers to try out. The end result is an illustration that is striking visually, but more importantly, never fails to distill and symbolize the main point of the article, enhancing the reader’s understanding of the author’s writing. Top illustrators like Chris bring a lot to the table and are truly a valued part of our team.

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By Dan

President / Creative Director