I recently collaborated with BYE BYE STRAWS on a new campaign titled #artistsagainstplastics with an illustration that shows a pelican with its mouth full of plastic trash instead of fish. Titled Today’s Catch, I hope the drawing helps to bring awareness to plastic waste and the toll it takes on our oceans and marine life.

The BYE BYE STRAWS initiative aims to show how harmful plastic straws are for marine life, as well as a call to change consumption habits of single-use plastics. It was started in Madrid, Spain by biologist Ajo Fernández and photographer Sara Navarro, who have launched this initiative from scratch, with no other support than their own passion for the sea.

As you might know, single-use plastics like straws have a “useful” life of only 10 minutes, but stay in the environment forever. The vast majority of this waste ends up in the sea and contributes to the contamination of our oceans, in addition to affecting the marine fauna and ourselves.

Check out the initiative and campaign below, and support their important cause to free the ocean of plastic, and remember…refuse single-use plastic!

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By Steve

Senior Art Director