Throne Opener

Warning: If you have yet to watch the season premiere of season 8 of Game of Thrones, DO NOT read this.

My number one rule for watching TV is that you cannot skip the opening credits—I blame the designer in me. The designer in me also appreciates when there is a concept for the opening credits that builds on what is going on in the show. My favorite example of this is Game of Thrones.

The first seven seasons of the show’s opening credits were animated maps of the different locations featured in the show, giving a general overview of Westeros and Essos. But, for the final season that premiered on April 14th, they rebuilt the credits from scratch and took on a new perspective: zooming in on the locations in reverse order, and getting more specific, and for the first time we see the Iron Throne.

Buzzfeed recently interviewed Angus Wall and Kirk Shintani from Elastic, the creatives behind the opening credits. “To me, in Season 7, all the storylines and all the interactions between all the characters became a lot more intimate,” Shintani said. “You became acutely aware of the relationships between everybody, and how these things are going to come to a point.”

To read more about the revamp, read the full interview here. But WARNING, there are spoilers in there, too!

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By Bria