Space Invasion in Stamford Downtown

Each year Stamford Downtown hosts a distinguished outdoor sculpture exhibit designed to attract both local and regional audiences. This year’s theme is “Space Invasion,” and all summer, UFOs and rockets will line the sidewalks and parks of the city. Steve and Cindy’s concept was selected from over 100 entries, and they are happy to present: Rocket Pop! All the sculptures will be displayed for public viewing starting June 12.

Follow their process below!

Steve with the “raw” fiberglass sculptures in the Stamford Downtown studio.

Steve and Cindy getting started!

Epoxy clay was used to mold the “drips” on the popsicle.

They used regular house paint in order to have vibrant and even color.

Chosen concepts.

The sculptures are over 8 feet tall!

Steve and Cindy worked on the sculpture over several weeks in March and April.

Several artists share the studio and painting tips.


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