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Not a lot of my time is spent looking at Instagram, but for the few minutes that I’m on (aside from catching up with friends and liking their vacation photos) there are a few art-related accounts I always look out for.

Jeannie Hoang
As a botanical artist and floral designer, the photos of her floral headpieces and wearables are closely woven with models to create one entity.

Tatsuya Tanaka
Tanaka’s photographs portray visual puns with miniature figures in whimsical compositions.

Klaudia Penkwit
Penkwit’s watercolor and digital portraits are highly stylized with sharp highlights, shadows, lush colors, and line work.

Poorly Drawn Lines
These short comics are so pointless and so meaningful to me all at the same time.

Irma Kniivila
More short comics that relate to everyday life and dogs.

Joy Li
Li’s body of work is both modern and retro, and inspired by visuals and objects rooted in Asian American culture.

Baumgartner Fine Art Restoration
At the oldest fine art conservation studio in Chicago, Julian Baumgartner can show you how even the most destroyed piece of art can be restored to its original condition.

Jen H. Chien Nie
Nie’s tiny ceramic forest creatures can fit right in the palm of your hand.

Hitomi Hosono
Hosono goes above and beyond in showing intricate, delicate, and soft detail in her ceramic work.

Niharika Hukku
Meanwhile, Hukku can paint a sea of koi or pillowy soft clouds that blur the line between reality and two-dimensional, all on the surface of her bowls and vases.

Gyousyou Suzuki
Suzuki demonstrates the elegance and technique of Japanese calligraphy. His videos show that even just the action and movement of creating each stroke is its own art form.

Shogo Sekine
Sekine’s fashionable vintage illustrations and hand-lettering evoke a sense of mellow cheerfulness.

A look into the organized chaos that is journalling. Every page is a charming collage of tiny line drawings, muted colors, and hand-lettering.

The account for the Indonesian-based clothing line by Biyan Wanaatmadja shows off his collection of gowns and two-piece outfits. highlighting their elegant and stunning craftsmanship. Every outfit is a celebration of color, fabric, and pattern.

Lillian Farag
A new find that quickly reached the top of my list with her hand-painted marble bags and textiles. Her posts add a pop of color and excitement to any day.

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