Delivering Messages High and Wide

I recently worked on a fun pro bono project for a company in Chile that produces glass straws. They reached out to me after seeing my illustration work on Instagram and wanted to collaborate on an environmental awareness campaign using one of my illustrations on a wooden, eco-friendly sticker. The selected drawing, titled “Today’s Catch,” shows a pelican with its mouth full of plastic trash—a commentary on the vast amount of plastic floating in our oceans endangering our wildlife, largely due to single-use plastics.

To combat this issue, Chile had become the first South American country to legally ban the widespread commercial use of plastic bags and is making a huge push to reduce plastic pollution. And thus, companies that make products out of alternative materials like glass, wood, and paper are popping up and doing really well. Now if only the US could get onboard.

As a designer and illustrator, it always makes me happy to see my work being used to communicate directly to the public. Through the stickers, my instragram (@habby_art) has been tagged in locations around Chile, Brazil, and other South American countries. One of the most unusual spots it’s been spotted so far is on top of Huayna Potosi Mountain in Bolivia! (See photo above.) It has been fun to see the message spread this far, and I’m excited to see how much further it will go.

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By Steve

Senior Art Director