Podcasts for the Creative Mind

Whether you consider yourself a creative or not, I highly recommend these podcasts for insight into the creative world!

Creative Pep Talk

An inspiring podcast hosted by illustrator Andy J Pizza. Andy provides helpful information on marketing and creative tips for those who are in the creative field. Advice and motivational pep talks are derived from Andy’s personal experience and extensive interviews with notable creators.

Recommended episode: “211” – Get your work seen with marketing legend Seth Godin
This episode entails an interview with Seth Godin, best known for his book This is Marketing: You Can’t Be Seen Until You Learn To See. Andy and Seth discuss the common struggles people in the creative fields encounter and the strategies and measures Seth has taken to overcome those obstacles.

Art History Babes

Hosted by four hilarious women who share a love for art history, concentrating on creating discussion about visual culture over glasses of wine. These conversations tackle various artists and artworks. They address crucial issues and ideas within the art world, all while bringing in a connection to pop culture and abolishing preconceived notions regarding art history.

Recommended episode: “Vinny van Gogh”
This episode deep dives into the notorious life of Vincent van Gogh. The ladies discuss the ins and outs of his mental illness, his relationships with his family, and conspiracy theories over the mystery of his death.

The Jealous Curator: Art for Your Ear

Hosted by art historian Daniella Krysa. Each episode, Krysa interviews an obscure or rising artist, allowing the listener to hear first-hand behind the scenes details and exclusive stories about the artist’s personal life before they are in the art history books.

Recommended episode: “Heather Lenz: Infinite Passion”
Danielle interviews filmmaker Heather Lenz, creator of the remarkable documentary Kusama: Infinity. Lenz describes her long journey and the process of creating her film about the incredible life of Kusama and fascinatingly explains what it was like to really get to know and spend time with Kusama.

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