The Indian Influence

Images, names, and references to America’s native people are everywhere. From the Land O’Lakes butter maiden to the Cleveland Indians’ mascot. From the Jeep Cherokee to Indian motorcycles. From the Tomahawk missile to the recent political taunts of Pocahontas. I visited Smithsonian’s National Museum of the American Indian for the first time last weekend. It’s a fantastic yet unsettling place, a deep dive into our early settlers profound mistreatment of fellow human beings.

One more uplifting section of the museum is an exhibition titled “Americans,” which highlights the ways in which American Indians have been embedded in unexpected ways in the history, pop culture, and identity of the United States. One room features a short film called The Invention of Thanksgiving. A smart script, lively animation, and a well-paired voiceover—I couldn’t help but watch it three times in a row.

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By Dan

President / Creative Director