Film is Not Dead!

I was packing for my trip to South Korea and Taiwan after graduating. I had the choice of bringing my Fuji mirrorless digital camera or my Canon P film camera. One used SD cards while the other used rolls of film. A hard decision, but I chose the film camera for my two week trip and it was great!

There were a few reasons for choosing my film camera.

One: I bought the camera a couple of years ago and only played around with one or two rolls of film and stopped using it. It became a paperweight. I wanted to try to shoot film again and see what the process was like; from loading the film to seeing my film developed in color.

Two: Developing film in South Korea and Taiwan is cheaper than the U.S. Way cheaper. I developed nine rolls at Sky Rainbow in Taiwan for around $20-$25USD where as in the U.S one roll would cost me around $8-$12USD. How could I not take the chance at that?! I just love the colors in film.

Three: I wanted to think more about my photos. We are so used to high storage memory cards that we take hundreds of photos. With only 36 shots on each roll of film, I had to pick what I wanted to photograph. I had to think about my subjects and what I wanted to show through these photographs.

Four: I brought less technology on my trip. Technology is all around us. It is nice to take a step back and just enjoy your surroundings. I already had my phone on me if I wanted to take quick snapshots. No digital camera means no laptop needed to transfer photos; less to worry about.

Five: What I learned by using film cameras is that sometimes we just have to enjoy the moment and take things slow. I also learned about photo techniques that I was unfamiliar with. I knew of the “Sunny 16” rule, but never really practiced it until my trip. It’s a lot easier than I thought, and now I know how to use it for next time! Who needs a light meter anymore? Not me!

Here are some photos I took on my trip!

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