Are Foldable Phones the Future of Mobile?

This year has seen some crazy phone innovations like multiple cameras, higher megapixels, pop up cameras, thin bezels, and even notches or hole punch screen designs. The most innovative has to be the introduction of foldable phones.

There have been a few phones released that utilize such a large screen. If you are someone that takes in a lot of content through your phone, a foldable phone might be an option, but they don’t come cheap.

Samsung recently debuted an updated version of their Galaxy Fold device that fixed some issues from their launch. This will cost you $1,980 for the device.

Huawei just released their Mate X Pro. However, it is only available in China for $2,400 USD. Personally, I think this is the best looking foldable phone so far.

Motorola has brought back the classic Razr phone with a little twist. A device that flips open with a large touch screen area with a classic design of the original Razr, which will run you about $1,500.

The Royole Flexpai was the first commerically available foldable device that cost around $1,300. While not a brand name device, it did beat out Samsung to the market.

Some manufacturers have confirmed models like Oppo, TCL (this one has two folds), Microsoft, and Xiaomi. While others are still developing like LG, Apple and Google. It would be interesting to see if these foldable phones will be the next best things in mobile devices. Would you consider buying one?

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By Winsland

Junior Designer