Down is Up

Lately, it seems as though everything is upside down. For me, living in a state of constant inversion is a new concept. However, inverted living is nothing new for the residents of Équihen Plage. Inhabitants of this small village, situated on the English Channel in the Hauts-de-France region of France, have been living upside down since the early 1900s. One hundred years ago, Équihen Plage was a popular fishing village. Fishing boats littered the coastline as did abandoned hulls, which had been left behind to be reclaimed by the sea. Some resourceful villagers collected the abandoned hulls and re-purposed them as roofs for their shelters. This construction became so popular among the villagers that, at the time, Équihen Plage was called Quartier des Quilles en l’Air: the neighborhood of keels in the air. Sadly, WWII claimed most of the original shelters. Today it has been the work of local families to restore, rebuild, and replace these inverted boat houses. Currently in Équihen Plage, more than 3,000 villagers are embracing their history and living in a literal world where down is up.

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By Nora

New Business Development / HR Director