They’re Not Photographs

Cat lover or not, these stunning drawings will blow your mind! Yes, I said drawings! They are so realistic that they sparked a debate online as to whether they were actually photographs. These mind-blowing drawings are created by an 18-year-old Japanese student by the name of Haruki Kudo. Haruki spends about 40 hours on each of the pieces that he creates. There is a unique 3D method that he uses to create the whiskers and each individual hair. When looking at one of these pieces, you feel as though you can reach out and touch it and pet the cat. You can almost feel the silkiness of its fur.

Haruki doesn’t only draw cats. He also creates pieces with dogs and has done several with insects and birds. The young artist started to promote himself less than two years ago. None of his works are currently for sale. He is holding on to all of his works in hopes of living out his dream to become an established artist and hold his own private exhibition.

His Instagram account, @kudoharu125 only has 100 posts on it, but each one will absolutely amaze you. Some of his posts can gather 50k or more likes! He can also be followed on Twitter, @huwahuwa1_25.

Haruki Kudo will definitely be an artist that you will be hearing a lot about in years to come.

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By Mary Ellen

Finance Director