For many of us, art is a fun, eye-opening, pleasure-filled experience. For Spain-based visual artist, Rachel Demetz, art has been a literal lifesaver. Around the age of 18, Demetz was plagued by chronic depression. In an attempt to help herself, she enrolled in a tiny illustration school is Barcelona. There she discovered she could combine her love of painting as a child, with photography, which she had discovered as a teen. Mixing the two medias gave her the will to survive and thrive as an independent artist.

Just after graduating from illustration school, she received a surprise commission for a Barcelona-based street wear brand. Since then, her commercial success took off, including album covers for the likes of Thom Yorke and Bad Bunny, fashion lines, and companies like Absolut Vodka.

At a mere 25 years old, Demetz’s career is just really taking off. In addition to her commercial success, Demetz creates a tremendous amount of personal work that focuses on the relationship between darkness and light. “I feel very attracted to light, but I know that I have been in dark places and states,” she says. “I think of light as something that you can live with, not just observe. I appreciate the clarity in my life, but I don’t want to leave my dark side; the two have to live together.” To see more of her work visit her instagram feed @racheldemetz.

Taylor Design Blog

By Hannah F

Senior Art Director