Hyperbolic Crochet

Hyperbolic crocheting duo, twins sisters Christine and Margaret Wertheim, are artists, scientists, and activists who take inspiration from geometric shapes. Originators of the Crochet Coral Reef project and the Institute for Figuring, the pair have invested hundreds of hours replicating structures made by living reef organisms such as corals, kelps, sea sponges, and sea slugs with yarn. Their goal is to spread awareness on the dangerous effects of climate change and rising sea temperature on the world’s coral reefs. Their collection of crocheted sculptures has been shown nationally and internationally and is the handwork of the Wertheims’ and a collection of crafters from around the world. Fellow crocheting activists are participating in Satellite Reef programs and more than 40 satellite reefs have been constructed and exhibited by crafters in parts of US, Australia, Germany, Ireland, Latvia and elsewhere. While the Crochet Coral Reef project is an amazing handmade display of replicated marine life, their hope is that through a heightened awareness, their colorful hyperbolic crocheted replicas will not become all that remains of our coral reefs.

Margaret Wertheim in the Fohr Satellite Reef, at the Museum Kunst der Westkuste, Fohr, Germany.

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