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Previously, I shared my love of masterfully created cakes along with my love of butter and powdered sugar whipped together to make butter cream. Instagram has enabled me to feast my eyes (not my taste buds) on cake masters like Jakarta-based Iven Kawi with her lifelike butter cream cacti. Recently I started to follow Leslie Vigil, a self proclaimed “flour child” and cake artist based in California. Virgil’s bakeshop has created a unique decorating style: the “Tapestry Cake.” Not only does Virgil beautifully replicate blossoms and leaves in butter cream, she replicates the art of embroidery on her cakes. There is no doubt that I need to take a “cake tour” vacation. First stop Iven Kawi’s shop in Jakarta followed by a trip to Ontario, California to sample a Tapestry Cake. In the meantime, I will continue following Leslie Virgil and Iven Kawi.

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By Nora

New Business Development / HR Director