Tips for Starting a Creative Side Hustle

If you’ve ever considered creating a side hustle, now is the time. Everyone is spending more time at home, and some have encountered either a reduction or a total loss of income. What better way to put your passions to use. Below are a few tips to help you get started.

1) Make Time To Be Creative.

The biggest excuse I hear is not having enough time. Just like anything else, if it’s important you’ll make the time. Think of the hours you spend watching TV or playing on your phone. It adds up. This is time you could be using to get started. For me, just an hour or so at night was enough. I’d get home at 6:00, have dinner, then sit down around 8:00 for an hour or so of drawing. It wasn’t even every night. Just a few days a week was enough.

2) Create. Create. And Create Some More.

Don’t focus on the business side of things at first. Just start to create. Pursue what makes you happy. This shouldn’t feel like work. Most of us already have a day job. I found that I really enjoyed drawing in pen and ink as a way to escape my computer, and get my hands dirty. So, I started drawing again. A lot.

3) Figure Out What You Can Sell.

Now that you’ve begun creating, look at your body of work and start to figure out what you can sell. Picture yourself as a potential buyer. Who’s your audience? What do they like? I found that my artwork could easily become t-shirts, stickers, and art prints. So, I have focused on selling those items.

4) Build Your Brand.

Now it’s time to name your business and create a logo. Your style should reflect the work you create. If you make fancy pottery, then you should look sophisticated and refined. If you draw colorful cartoons, then your brand should be fun and vibrant. Look at other creatives that have similar styles or products and see what they’re doing to market their work. What are they selling? What are they doing well? What can set you apart? I came up with the name Habby Art based off a childhood nickname, and just ran with it.

5) Share and Promote Your Work.

Create a simple website to show off your work (you can use a site builder like Squarespace, Wix, etc.) and social accounts (Facebook, Instagram, etc.) for your new creative business. I personally love Instagram for displaying my work and connecting with people. I’ve met a lot of other artists, and it’s a great community to get involved in. And, it’s free!

6) Start Selling.

There are so many options now. There’s nothing wrong with having more than one place to sell. In fact, I recommend it. I personally started selling my art with a few friends at local art & craft fairs and farmers markets. I created my own business cards and distributed them wherever I could think of. Then, I expanded into online marketplaces. I now have online shops on Etsy, Threadless, Cotton Bureau, and Inkbox. They are easy to manage, and will provide multiple streams of passive income that can add up over time.

7) Lastly, Have Fun!

You can check out my side hustle at:

Instagram: @habby_art


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By Steve

Senior Art Director