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Over the weekend, British Vogue released a 14-piece series of covers that depicts landscapes around the theme of ‘Reset’. Each cover was created by a renowned British artist or photographer—talent such as David Sims, Nadine Ijewere, Tim Walker, Lubaina Humid, and David Hockney. The release was accompanied by a 20-page article entitled “All Across the Land”. The theme of ‘Reset’ applies both to the environmental impact of the pandemic, as well as current global events. In his introduction, editor Edward Enninful writes: “Like many of you who I’ve spoken to or corresponded with over these past months, I share a sense that, actually, “normal” is what got us to this point in the first place. If we are going to evolve, to a place of greater fairness and safety for our planet and its people, our future cannot look exactly like our past.”

With no models or celebrities to photograph and feature, the magazine has to keep innovating new ideas for cover artwork. Their previous series featured the workers on the front lines of COVID by Jamie Hawkesworth.

See the full ‘Reset’ series at British Vogue or via Instagram.

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