A Checkered Present

Elblag, Poland is experiencing a local drought. In reaction to imposed water restrictions, the city’s contemporary art museum allowed its public green space to overgrow. By forgoing their mowing regimen, long grass overtook their public green space and, as an unintended benefit, wildflowers seeded themselves amid the grass and the space became an example of biodiversity with bees, butterflies, and small creatures thriving in the new meadow. A serious drought wasn’t the only obstacle for Elblag’s contemporary museum. The global pandemic mandated the museum’s closure. Adrian Kotynska, the museum’s director, in an effort to serve her community and to balance two extraordinary challenges, tapped into her creative side for a publicly-minded solution. Kotynska directed that the long grass be mowed in a checkerboard pattern to encourage visitors to return to the museum’s property while respecting social distancing guidelines. Thanks to Kotynska’s creative problem-solving skills, Elblag’s community is able to safely visit the museum’s green space, conserve water, and support biodiversity.

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By Nora

New Business Development / HR Director