Defying Gravity

When I stand at the window or railing of a tall building and look down, I have to pull back after a few seconds. Something inside pushes me towards the elevator and the familiar confines of solid ground.

As such, I have tremendous respect for photographers who muster the courage to shoot images from great heights. I recently read about Patrick Cashin, the full-time photographer for the New York State Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA). Part of his duties involves climbing the cables to the top of the city’s bridges to photograph workers maintaining the towers. “The camera gives you a false sense of security,” says Mr. Cashin.

Writer David Gonzalez notes: “His photos offered some ethereal moments, like when he photographed birds of prey from the tops of bridges. His colors were rich, his perspective unique.”

Born in Brooklyn, Patrick Cashin served in the U.S. Navy and worked as a photojournalist at Newsweek magazine for 16 years before joining the MTA. His photography has appeared in the New York Times, The Sunday Times, New York Daily News, The Weekly Flickr, and Channel Thirteen Metro Focus.

New York Times article by David Gonzalez, photographs by Patrick Cashin

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