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Back in April of this year (I know… April feels like 25 years ago, thanks Coronavirus),
I was contacted about a blog post I wrote FOUR years ago. Megan Nadolski, chief operating officer at Goat Rodeo, a creative audio agency in Washington, D.C., had stumbled upon my story about Syracuse University’s identity crisis while doing research for a podcast she was developing. Working with the Intellectual Property Owners Education Foundation, Megan helps create a weekly podcast called “Stroke of Genius” which explores the most pressing questions, fascinating stories, and often-overlooked marvels that make up the world of intellectual property. She was in the early stages of doing a story about whether or not you can trademark a color that partially focused on my alma mater’s years-long efforts and legal battle to trademark their nickname, Orange. Megan found my professional background, my four-year-old post, and my (borderline obsessive) knowledge of my alma mater’s branding history intriguing.

From her pandemic lock-down closet office in DC to my quarantine bedroom design studio in CT, (where we were both hiding from our other full-time jobs as parents/homeschool teachers), Megan and I had a fun, lengthy conversation about all things Syracuse—including the University’s history, sports prowess, identity, logos, mascots, design, names, and colors. At the end of our conversation, she mentioned that she was next speaking with a color expert at Pantone—THE keepers of the universal language of color for designers worldwide. I was giddy with design nerdery at the prospect of being included in the same story as someone with this sort of color mastery and curious to hear what she would think of Syracuse’s color conundrum.

The podcast hit the airwaves on August 12, just a few weeks (or only 16 days, 13 hours and 37 minutes from now as I write this according to their website) before the Syracuse Orange take the field for the college football season (during a pandemic… but that’s another blog post). The team will be sporting new uniforms emblazoned with the word ORANGE which is now finally, officially, with a trademark owned by the University.

Listen to the podcast here, entitled “Stroke of Genius: Trademark School Spirit.”

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By Hannah F

Senior Art Director