Mario Kart in Real Life

Nintendo just made a very cool announcement on its latest Nintendo Direct. It’s currently the 35th anniversary of the original Super Mario Brothers game and Nintendo is rolling out the red carpet for our favorite plumber. One of the coolest announcements was for a “toy to life” video game for the popular Mario Kart franchise.

Nintendo partnered with New York-based independent studio Velan Studios and created a physical remote control Mario Kart racer with a camera mounted on it. Using special “gates” that come with the racer, players can set up a racecourse inside their house for the race cars to drive on. The real magic comes from the Nintendo Switch integration. Using your Nintendo Switch console as a controller for both the game as well as the RC racer, they have achieved something magical. The game projects an augmented reality video game on top of the video taken in by the camera on the RC car. It looks like you are playing Super Mario Kart 8, but using your actual house as the race track. The toys support items like Koopa shells, banana peels, and mushroom boosts just like the digital game. You can also race against friends if they also have an RC Mario Kart racer of their own. Check out the video to see it in action!

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By Chris

Senior Front-end Developer