Dressing the Part

“Dressing the Part” means to have an appearance that is expected for a situation.

Spanish artist Okuda San Miguel dressed the part as he put the final touches on the Faro lighthouse in the Cantabria region of Spain. Initially, he was recognized locally for his street art, however, this former Spanish graffiti artist is now recognized internationally as a “pop surrealist.” His use of vibrant geometric patterns has defined his work as a painter and sculptor. Okuda San Miguel has undertaken numerous large-scale projects on a variety of canvases: An abandoned chapel in Morocco, the Sistine Chapel of skateboarding in Spain (see Steph’s blog post from 2016), the International Church of Cannabis in Denver, Colorado, murals around the world, and the recently reimagined lighthouse in his home town of Santander on the Bay of Biscay, Spain.

The lighthouse project was commissioned by the local Port Authority and the town council as an “artistic intervention.” The Faro lighthouse, renamed as “Infinite Cantabria,” rises up over 50 feet and is now adorned with Okuda San Miguel’s emblematic vibrant geometric patterns and organic forms. Perhaps someday, when we are free to travel and welcomed by European countries, we can experience “Infinite Cantabria.” In the meantime, this video can take us there: https://vimeo.com/455542907



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